Country Flags (World Sailing Approved)


North Graphics is a sanctioned official provider of World Sailing county flags for all Olympic and international racing classes.

Please note, production time is 3-5 business days.



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Please note, production time is 3-5 business days.


Large (1000mm x 600 mm) – Skud, RSX,  Sonar, Sonata, Star

Small (567mm x 337mm) – Firefly, Signet, SL19, Snipe, Splash, Sprite, Squib, Spitfire, Dart 16, 405, 2’ Skiff, British Moth, Bug, Byte, Cadet, Catapult, Challenger, Cherub, Comet, Comet Trio, Dart 18, E Scow, Enterprise, Europe, Formula 16, Foxer, GP14, Graduate, Gull, Hadron, Heron, Hobie 14, Illusion, ISO, Kestrel, Lark, Laser, Laser 13, Laser 2000, Laser 3000, Laser 4.7, Laser II, Laser Radial, Leader, Lightning 368, Lymington River Scow, Magno, Merlin Rocket, MiniSail, Miracle, Mirror, MRX, Nacra 17, National 12, Norfolk Punt, Open BIC, Optimist, Osprey, Pacer, Phantom, Pico, Redwing, Rooster, RS Feva, RS Teva, RS Venture, Sea View One Design, Shadow X, Solo, Solution, Streaker, Sunfish, Swallow, Tasar, Taz, Techno 293, Tideway, Topaz 14 CX, Topaz 16 CX, Topaz 5.3, Topaz Vibe, Topaz Xenon, Topcat K1, Topper 4.2, Topper 5.3, Vago, Vareo, Vaurien, Weta 4.4, Zoom 8, D-Zero, International 14, International canoe, International Moth, Musto Skiff, RS 100, RS 200, RS 300, RS 400, RS 600, RS 700, RS Aero, RS Cat, RS500, RS600 FF, RS800, Spice, Vortex, X1, XO

Medium (740mm x 433mm) – A Class Catamaran, 420, 470, 505, 3000, 4000, Albacore, Alto, B14, Blaze, Boss, Bosun, Buzz, Contender, Devon Yawn, Dragon, Eighteen, Etchell, Finn, Fireball, Flying Dutchman, Flying Fifteen, Formula 18, Formula 20, Hobie 16, Hobie 18, Hornet, Hurricane 5.9, Hurricane 5.9 sx, Icon, Javelin, Laser 16, Laser 4000, Laser 5000, National 18, Ok Dinghy, Salcombe Yawl, Sandhopper, SB20, Scorpion, Sharpie, Shearwater, Shrimper, Soling, Spint 15, St Mawes OD, Stratos, Super Nova, Swordfish, Tempest, Thames A Rater, Thistle, Topaz Argo, Topaz Omega, Unicorn, Vision, Wanderer, Wayfarer, Wineglass, Yngling, 16’ Skiff, 18’ Skiff, V3000, Viper

1200mm x 750mm – Tornado
1561mm x 794mm  – 29er xx
1561mm x 797mm – 29er
1693mm x 844mm – D –one 9.5m
1823mm x 900mm – D – one 11.5m

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Small (567mm x 337mm), Medium (740mm x 443mm), Large (1000mm x 600mm), 29er xx (1561mm x 794mm), 29er (1561mm x 797mm), D –one 9.5m (1693mm x 844mm), D – one 11.5m (1823mm x 900mm), Tornado (1200mm x 750mm)

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