When it comes time to get your boat ready for the next race, North Graphics has everything you need.  From class insignias and sail numbers, to country flags and codes, North graphics has the best quality graphics in the world.

Come to North Graphics, the leading company in sails graphics, to make sure your boat’s graphics are done right the first time.

Available Standard Graphics

Class Insignias Icon

We provide hundreds of insignias to choose from. Our insignia cloth and high performance vinyl lasts as long as the life of your sail and comes in standard color options (red, black, blue, yellow, green and white) for any of your class sizes.

Country Flags Icon

North Graphics is a sanctioned official provider of World Sailing county flags for all Olympic and international racing classes.

Sail Numbers Icon

We can print your sail & bow numbers on a variety of resilient materials.  Let us know your requirements and we can help you chose an option that’s best for you.

Country Codes Icon

Country codes can be printed in standard colors on a durable insignia cloth or adhesive vinyl in standard industry colors.

Looking for custom graphics for your sails, boat or events?

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