Spinnakers and downwind sails provide a beautiful canvas for your creativity.  They are ideal for custom graphics because of their abundance of space.  Show off your branding or get creative with artwork, designs and colors for your cruising or racing spinnakers. We have various production applications available based on how you use your boat.  Whether you are racing or cruising, our team will work with you to explain which process will provide the highest quality and longest lasting graphics for your specific need.

Production Options

Fabric Inlays Icon

A fabric inlay is among the most durable methods of graphic application and will last the lifetime of your sail. An inlay is made of the same material as your sail so colors are locked into the fabric and neither graphic elements nor letters will chip or peel. Because the design is cut from pieces of fabric, inlays are most effective with designs that feature large, bold lettering and designs.


Inking Icon

Inking is best for large, detailed designs on light colored sails. (Light colored inks cannot be used on dark sailcloth). A full range of colors gives you plenty of creative latitude. Ink is one of the lightest weight applications and is the ideal choice for racing sails, where every ounce counts. It can accommodate large image area without compromising performance and offers excellent value for your budget.


Inlay & Ink Icon

This process combines the best of both the inlaying and inking application methods. We inlay large blocks of color, then apply the details with ink. Those small details that would be too difficult to inlay can be added to your graphic to give it added impact.


Digital Printing Icon

Digital Printing offers you the ability to create sail graphics limited only be your own creativity. It affords you the most creative latitude in design and allows us to reproduce full color illustrations, for a truly unique look. High-resolution photographs can even be reproduced. Digital Printing is limited to certain cloth styles, please contact us for a current list.


Make your downwind sails your personal canvas!

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