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The size of the upwind sail is perfect for custom-branded graphics.  Adorn your upwind sail with personal designs or corporate logos in ink vinyl or digitally printed insignia applications.  Not sure which printing option to choose?  Talk to one of our team members to discuss the particular use of your sail so we can assist you in finding an option that’s right for you.

Production Options

Insignia Cloth Icon

The most traditional sail graphics material. It is the same fabric that has been used to make sail numbers and class insignias for decades. A proven product that lasts the life of the sail. Color options include: Red, Black, Blue, Yellow, Green, and White.


Adhesive Vinyl Icon

Lighter in weight than insignia cloth and available in a full range of colors; vinyl is an exciting creative option. Color selection allows you to better color match your favorite graphic or corporate logo. Ideal for Mylar™ film sails.


Digital Printing Icon

When highly detailed graphics are required, digital printing on either adhesive backed vinyl or insignia cloth is the only option. Beautiful, high-resolution images are possible with this method. Depending upon cloth weight and style either vinyl or insignia cloth will be recommended. Heavier sailcloth requires the use of insignia cloth to insure proper adhesion.


Inking Icon

Inking is best for large, detailed designs on light colored sails. (Light colored inks cannot be used on dark sailcloth). A full range of colors gives you plenty of creative latitude. Ink is one of the lightest weight applications and is the ideal choice for racing sails, where every ounce counts. It can accommodate large image area without compromising performance and offers excellent value for your budget.


Put your brand into action on your custom upwind sails!

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